iRomaScents Device White

iRomaScents is a smarter way to shop for fragrance

The shopper can receive recommendations from a store assistant or by answering questions from the AI “wizard” on a tablet.

Then they can sample the recommended products—completely contact-free, and without getting covered in different sprays.

Each iRomaScents device can contain 45 different fragrances. With several devices, you can offer literally hundreds of options—all on a regular countertop.


Selecting Stores by Scent

iRomaScents turns navigating a shopping mall into a sensory experience

When the shopper selects a store from the digital directory, iRomaScents instantly conjures up the smell which represents that particular store – freshly baked bread, hot coffee, sizzling burgers, candy.

iRomaScents can even produce the smells of non-edible items like leather, bed linen, apparel, or cleaning products.

Discover the Future of Retail

We’re looking for partners to test iRomaScents in a true retail environment.

To explore this exciting new frontier ahead of the competition, just get in touch

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iRomaScents Device White