iRomaScents Device Black

Enhance your stories with the power of scents

Imagine the endless possibilities!


Before the movie, there’s an ad for a coffee chain and we get a whiff of the freshly ground beans


Breakfast time, and the hero drinks some orange juice, but we can smell vodka. What’s going on?


A murderer always leaves roses by the bodies of his victims. The scent tells us he’s close by before we even see him.

It sounds incredible, but it’s happening right now.

Your movie and cinema can get involved.

See how easy it is to transform the movie experience!

  • Each seat in the cinema is fitted with an iRomaScents device, controlled wirelessly from the projection room.
  • Installation is quick and easy, with no wiring or construction required.
  • When cinema goers buy their tickets, they decide whether they want to use iRomaScents.
  • iRomaScents whiffs are released in a narrow pencil beam, so they only reach the individual viewer. All scents meet regulatory requirements.
  • iRomaScents is environmentally friendly and doesn’t use gas Aerosol.
  • Handling is infrequent, quick and easy.
iRomaScents Device Black

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