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iRomaScents Ltd is a young technology firm based in Israel

iRomaScents is expected to launch as a fully viable product during 2022, and patents are pending.

We’ve formed strong partnerships with executives specializing in fragrance, marketing, industrial design, and filmmaking around the world.

At present, we’re finalizing our agreements with developers and manufacturers, and we’re also in discussion with leading universities in Israel regarding potential cooperation.

To learn more about us or discuss the possibilities for collaboration, please get in touch.

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Our Team

Our team includes well experienced, top tear engineers and experts from a variety of relevant fields, working together successfully and productively for over 20 years:

Avner Gal

Co-Founder; CEO

Avner retired from the Israeli Navy (Commander) after 23 years of service, mainly as an R&D engineer.

Accumulated with his civilian roles, he gained over 45 years of experience in leading successful projects in variety of arenas. During his career, he earned reach experience in Management, R&D, System Engineering, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Commercialization, including over 20 years of experience as a CEO of private and public Innovative companies, from founding to commercialization.

Avner published about 40 professional papers, he has a few patents and is a guest speaker in the Technion and other institutes about project management and innovation.

Avner holds BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in marketing.

Erin Berry

Co-Founder; VP Marketing & Strategic Partnership

Erin brings rich experience in marketing activities and marketing management from a variety of companies and arenas.

Erin served in a variety of roles as a global senior manager in marketing and international trading, public relations and social media.

Apart from marketing, she has valuable practice as Executive Assistant to CEO, which gained her a wide company and project understanding, together with multidisciplinary practice.

Erin holds BA in Mass Communication and an MA in Marketing.

Eugene Naidis

CTO; Director of Software Engineering

Eugene has an extensive experience in management of R&D projects.

Over the past 20 years he led complex projects in variety of fields and multi-disciplinary arenas, including revolutionary technology for measurement devices (medical and industrial devices), based on multiple technologies.

Eugene published numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and has extensive knowledge in QA & RA certification processes, including for medical devices.

Eugene holds MSc in Metallurgy, Automation & Control System and MSc in Management Information Systems.

Uzi Malimovka

Director of Product Design & Mechanical Engineering

Uzi has more than 25 years of practical experience in developing countless products in a variety of fields, combining both design and engineering expertise, from early-stage ideas to accompanying mass production for big corporates.

Uzi brings creative solutions, with efficient design and multidisciplinary approach that considers all project’s aspects.

Uzi taught many years in “Bezalel” academy of art and design (Israel), as well as other design institutes (H.I.T, Shenkar and Ascola).

Uzi holds Bc.S in Mechanical Engineering and an MA in Industrial Design Engineering.

Alex Molotsky

Director of Hardware Engineering

Alex brings extraordinary experience as senior electronics engineer and R&D manager in the field of medical devices, including responsibility for defining the need, specifications, development, and commercialization phases.

Alex expertise includes hardware, real time software, integration, controllers, and development of analog and digital integrated circuitry, based on real time digital processing.

Alex has a multidisciplinary understanding and practical knowledge, which gives him the ability and experience to design complex projects from A to Z. His knowledge in mechanical engineering enables him to understand the full concept of the project from early stage.

Alex holds MSc in Electro-Mechanics, and he’s eligible for a PhD in Electronics.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board was built in a way which covers the range of different stages and disciplines of the venture:

Dr. Peter Traas


Dr. Traas serves as a senior advisor to Creative Flavors Fragrances (CFF), Milan.

Peter worked in the fragrance industry at Naarden International (became Quest) since 1969.

Dr. Traas started in the organic synthetic department and switched to the fragrance department, where he worked in applications and as a manager of the fragrance center.

Peter holds BSc in organic chemistry from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands, 1969), and PhD. In chemistry from University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 1977).

Michael (Miki) Dinar


Mr. Dinar has worldwide extensive experience in the retail arena for over 30 years.

Among others, Miki founded and managed James Richardson Corporation, the main duty-free shops group in Ben-Gurion Airport (Israel).

Mr. Dinar also founded and managed “Yellow” convenient stores (Israel), which are spread all over the country, served as the president of Duty-Free Americas in the USA, as well as in Brazil.

Mr. Dinar is also an active board member in Discount Capital (Israel).

Miki Ber


Mr. Ber brings impressive knowledge and background as a creative, Copywriter and Concept maker, with decades of experience in the marketing and advertisement business.

Miki Co-founded Baumann-Ber-Rivnay (now Publicis' BBR Saatchi & Saatchi), one of Israel's leading advertising and marketing agencies.

Miki Conceived some of Israel's famous brand names, launched and accompanied domestic and multinational brands, and specialized in brand building and conceptual marketing.

Mr. Ber has granted a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israeli Marketing Association, for his significant contribution to the marketing and advertising industry for over 30 years.

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