How it Works

iRomaScents releases a tightly directed dose of scent called a “whiff,” either on demand or in sync with a video

Scent on Demand

iRomaScents can be loaded with up to 45 different scents at a time

A World of Scents

Hundreds of lifelike scents are available, from outdoor environments to food, drinks, and perfume

Designed for Life

With its compact, stylish design, iRomaScents fits perfectly into any living room or high-end retail store.

Easy to Operate

iRomaScents can store over 5000 whiffs – enough for weeks of unattended operation.
Reloading and recharging is easy and hassle-free.

Easy to Install

iRomaScents uses a rechargeable battery pack and wireless connectivity, which leads to ease of instalment and setting up.

iRomaScents Device White

Endless possibilities…

See how iRomaScents can add a new dimension to the movies, retail stores and home entertainment


Offers cinema goers a new dimension in entertainment



Bring scents to stores and malls, thus making shopping a multi-sensory experience


Home entertainment

Enjoy scents with TV, movies, and videogames in the home