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Introducing iRomaScents®

iRomaScents Digital Scent Generator adds a new sensory dimension to cinema, shopping, and home media


Imagine you can smell what you see on screen...

Imagine you can smell what you see on screen...

Imagine you can smell what you see on screen...


Offers cinema goers a new dimension in entertainment



Bring scents to stores and malls, thus making shopping a multi-sensory experience


Home entertainment

Enjoy scents with TV, movies, and videogames in the home


Scent on-demand

iRomaScents releases a tightly directed dose of scent (whiff), either on demand or in sync with a movie/video

  • Play on demand
  • A World of Scent
  • Easy to operate
  • Wireless operation
How it works


With iRomaScents, adding scent to video is as easy as clicking a mouse


About Us

iRomaScents Ltd is a young technology firm based in Israel.

iRomaScents is expected to launch as a fully viable product during 2022, and patents are pending.

We’ve formed strong partnerships with executives specializing in fragrance, marketing, industrial design, and filmmaking around the world.

At present, we’re finalizing our agreements with developers and manufacturers, and we’re also in discussion with leading universities in Israel regarding potential cooperation.

To learn more about us or discuss the possibilities for collaboration, please get in touch.

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